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Beer Gurus Guide or Favorite Dishes

Beer Guru's Guide: Enlightenment for Those Who Thirst for Knowledge

Author: Chris Street

The mystical role of beer is explored in this humorous satire that promises ecstatic bliss, immortality, wisdom, and freedom from the hangover. Readers follow a step-by-step guide that takes them on a quest for The Holy Ale, a sacred beer that flows from the Font of All Wisdom and bestows infinite knowledge, immortality, and instant enlightenment. If initiation is survived, readers meet the Beer Guru himself, the Dalai Llager, the Beer Goddess, and the Barmy Swami. Teaching how to master the art of Tantric Beer drinking and how to create a Beer Temple, the central theme of this sacred scroll is that drinking beer is a religious experience.

Table of Contents:
The Beer Guru and The Barmy Swami     1
The Way of The Beer Guru     5
The Quest for The Holy Ale     9
Monks, Drunks and Holy Men     15
The Path of The Fool     21
Finding the beer equivalent of your soul mate     25
Brewing Your Own, The Alchemy of Ale     31
Dowsing For Beer     35
Creating Your Sacred Beer Space     39
Beer Shrines and Altars     45
Seeing Your Beers Aura     49
Interpreting Your Beer's Aura     53
Blessing Your Beer     59
Initiation     63
The Initiation of The Whirling Pit     69
Opening Your Chakras     73
Becoming One With Your Beer     77
The Beer Goddess     81
Imaginary Ale Vs Real Ale     85
Tantric Beer Drinking     91
Mantras     95
Leys, Sacred Sites And Beer Lines     99
It's The Beer Talking     105
Invisible Friends     109
Reincarnation     113
Karma     117
Unlock the Secret Powers of Beer     121
The Mystic Properties of Beer     127
Out of The Body Experiences or SoulTravel     131
The Cave of the Beer Guru     137
The Dalai Llager and The Monastery of The Beer Brothers     141
The Beer Mat of The Holy Ale     147
The Temple of The Beer Goddess     153
The Font of All Wisdom     159
The Secret Of The Beer Guru's Smile     163

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Favorite Dishes

Author: Carrie V Shuman

Favorite Dishes is due to the fact that the noble women who have labored for the best interests of mankind and womankind, in the development of the Women's Department of the World's Columbian Exposition, found time to contribute this collection of recipes, as a means of enabling the compiler to open an additional avenue for women to provide the necessary funds to pay the expenses of a visit to the Exposition.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Internet Guide to Food Safety and Security or James Beards Poultry

Internet Guide to Food Safety and Security

Author: Elizabeth Connor

Learn what you need to know about foodborne illness from comprehensive Web sites!

An estimated 76 million illnesses, 323,914 hospitalizations, and 5,194 deaths are attributed to foodborne illness in the United States each year. 2001 FDA Food Code. The Internet Guide to Food Safety and Security puts a wealth of food safety and security information at your fingertips. This comprehensive compilation of annotated links goes beyond simple listing of Web addresses to tell you which sites have original content, what sites hold specific safety and security information you may be searching for, and how to find all types of vital information you need to prevent foodborne illness and disease to stay healthy. Easy-to-use, thorough, and accurate, this guide to the Internet will become your all-in-one source for food and health information.

The Internet Guide to Food Safety and Security not only extensively lists food and health Web sites, it gives you the tools you need to find information on all types of foodborne illness, food handling concerns, and other disease and health issues. From how to decipher Web site addresses and evaluate Web content, to guiding you to the best available consumer, medical, government, and military search engines, to an authoritative list of health information Web sites themselves, this book is a valuable one-stop resource for all your food health concerns. Along with a helpful bibliography and glossary, the author provides tables, screen captures, and illustrations for clarity and direction.

The Internet Guide to Food Safety and Security presents thorough and comprehensive Web listings for:

  • Internet search engines and directories
  • naturally occurring dangerous organisms
  • bioterrorism threats
  • pesticides
  • disease control and prevention
  • government links for food, safety, and nutrition information
  • travel concerns
  • government food regulations, standards, and legislation
  • food and water safety during disasters
  • sanitation issues
  • hot topics such as bird flu and mad cow disease
  • food allergies
  • chemical contamination
  • parasites
  • food safety during pregnancy
  • food additives and preservatives
  • resources for food advisories, recalls, and warnings
  • carcinogens
  • food irradiation
  • genetic engineering and genetically modified (GM) foods
  • labeling, packaging, and storage
  • takeout foods and restaurant food safety evaluation
  • lists of food safety organizations and societies

The Internet Guide to Food Safety and Security is an at-a-glance reference guide to the Internet for dietitians, librarians, health agency employees, health educators, or anyone interested in staying healthy when handling, preparing, and storing food.

What People Are Saying

Lenny Rhine PhD
Lenny Rhine, PhD, University Librarian, Health Science Center Libraries, University of Florida
A COMPREHENSIVE COMPILATION of annotated links for those 'interested in staying healthy when handling, preparing, and storing food at home or eating foods prepared by others.' With the emergence of the global economy, there is a need to 'determine the source and safety of food available for consumption.' This book is a series of well-organized, category-based lists of Internet information. EACH LINK INCLUDES AN ANNOTATION THAT NOTES THE AUTHORITY OF THE RESOURCE, GIVES A SUMMARY OF ITS SCOPE, AND HIGHLIGHTS KEY FEATURES.

David A. Nolfi
David A. Nolfi, MLS, AHIP, Health Sciences Librarian, Duquesne University<
This small GOLDMINE OF INFORMATION provides annotations and addresses for hundreds of Web sites. . . . A worthwhile addition for public libraries, consumer health collections, and health sciences libraries. Academic libraries supporting programs in agriculture, food science and service, nutrition, and public health will find this work particularly relevant. Connor's concise annotations provide the reader with information needed to evaluate Web sites as well as the background information necessary to better understand the importance of the food safety issues addressed. Any librarian interested in creating electronic pathfinders or research guides related to food safety issues will find this guide to be a great timesaver because Connor has pre-selected the best sites. A convenient glossary also provides needed explanation of unique terms associated with food safety as well as the language used to describe various types of Web tools. Conner's style is approachable for general readers and students, but is also useful for faculty and librarians.

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James Beard's Poultry

Author: John Ferron

Signature Beard dishes like Chicken with Forty Cloves of Garlic, traditionalfavorites like Roast Holiday Goose, and enticing versions of Pheasant with Sauerkraut and Roast Quail with Oysters.

More than any other person, James Beard inspired and nourished our national appetite for good food. With his many books, countless articles, and boundless enthusiasm, Beard introduced millions of Americans to the delicious glories of native and foreign cuisines and to the practical techniques of fine cooking. His recipes, which always stressed the natural goodness of fresh foods gathered at their peak; his limitless store of fact, history, and lore from the world of food; and his remarkable ability to present even the most complicated recipes in an accessible manner made him the mentor of a generation of American cooks. Now, for the first time, some of Beard's most enticing recipes are presented in a charming, inexpensive, paperback format. These recipes, many no longer in print in any other form, have been culled from the legacy of Beard's many magazine articles, newspaper columns, and unavailable books by John Ferrone, Beard's long-time friend and editor. He has organized them into four books, each covering an essential area of cooking. Some of these dishes are versions of Beard favorites, which, with his inventive curiosity, he was always adjusting and rethinking. Others offer exciting new discoveries. All of them provide wonderful eating experiences.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Basil or Time for Tea

Basil: The Genus Ocimum

Author: Raimo Hiltunen

Basil, a volume in the series Medicinal and Aromatic Plants - Industrial Profiles, is an attempt to cover all the research areas, such as botany, agriculture, chemistry, pharmacology and use in foodstuffs, regarding Ocimum. The taxonomy and nomenclature of Ocimum are in a state of confusion and so this volume provides a delimitation of Ocimum from related genera and an infrageneric classification. In spite of numerous reports on the pharmacological activities, the main use of Ocimum plants is as aromatic plants and spices. When used in foodstuffs it may have some antioxidative effect, i.e. helps to preserve the food. This book will be of interest to everybody involved in medicinal and aromatic plant research or related fields.

Table of Contents:
Preface to the Series
1Ocimum: An Overview of Classification and Relationships1
2Production Systems of Sweet Basil39
3Chemical Composition of Ocimum Species67
4Essential Oil of Ocimum77
5Bioactivity of Basil113
6Processing and Use of Basil in Foodstuffs, Beverages and in Food Preparation137

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Time for Tea: Women and Post-Colonial Labor on an Indian Plantation

Author: Piya Chatterje

About the Author

Piya Chatterjee is Assistant Professor of Women's Studies at the University of California, Riverside.

What People Are Saying

Kirin Narayan
Piya Chatterjee presents an innovative ethnography of female tea plantation workers through a kaleidoscope of drama, personal narrative, labor history review, and the interrogations of her subjects. A Time for Tea addresses issues of colonial and postcolonial power structures, transnational flows, subaltern history, labor relations, and feminist ethnography. Tea does not taste the same after one has read this strikingly original book.
author of Storytellers, Saints, and Scoundrels: Folk Narrative in Hindu Religious Teaching