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The Foolproof Foodservice Selection System The Complete Manual for Creating a Quality Staff or Brinestain and Biscuit

The Foolproof Foodservice Selection System: The Complete Manual for Creating a Quality Staff

Author: Bill R Marvin

An organized plan for creating a quality foodservice staff based upon the author's vast experience in managing foodservice operations. Guaranteed to draw qualified workers to your door, decrease your turnover, increase your profits and raise the level of guest satisfaction and repeat business. Contains application forms, job descriptions, letters to applicants, tracking sheets, interview guidelines, evaluations and a variety of tests--in both English and Spanish. Summaries of relevant federal laws (and states with exceptions to them) are also included.

Table of Contents:
The Foolproof Foodservice Selection System.
The Best Employer in Town.
Productive Positions.
Recruiting Requisites.
The Advice to Applicants Letter.
The Application.
The Tracking Sheet.
The Screening Interview.
The Sanitation Screening Test.
The Professional Screening Test.
The Lifting Test.
The Demonstration Tests.
The Interviews.
The Professional Test.
The Situation Tests.
Background Research.
Making the Offer.
Selection Is Just the Start.
Suggested Readings.

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Brinestain and Biscuit: Recipes and Rules for Royal Navy Cooks

Author: National Archives

Climb aboard one of His MajestyâЂ™s ships, circa 1930, pull up the gangplank and prepare to experience galley life at sea. Enjoy the arcane practices, no-nonsense instructions and a wealth of period recipes from an era when the map was painted red and âЂempire buildersâЂ™ were not just a pair of shorts. Learn how to avoid the dangers of âЂbone taintâЂ™ and âЂfly-blown meatâЂ™. Discover what to do with a âЂsteam chestâЂ™ and how to work an âЂAldershot ovenâЂ™. Once equipped, you will be in tip-top shape to delve into the recipesâЂ"from the simple yet gargantuan (sausages for 500 men: take 125 lbs of sausages, fry in lard, add âЂbrown gravyâЂ™) to the relatively small-scale and refined, you will get an insight into how the sailors lived and ate. And it was more varied than you might imagine, so they were not always stuck between a rock cake and a hard biscuit.

There are the dishes to stir the heart (âЂPatriotic puddingâЂ™ or âЂQueen Bess puddingâЂ™), the nautically exotic (âЂMock Turtle soupâЂ™, âЂCanary puddingâЂ™), the down-to-earth way with offal (âЂfaggots and peasâЂ™, âЂsheepâЂ™s head brothâЂ™) and the faintly scary âЂbeef tea with eggâЂ™ or âЂbrown stewâЂ™. There are even salads (well, a few). All in all, for a cookâЂ™s eye view of Navy life, this book takes the biscuit.

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